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Lose The Stress: How to Dress for Career Fair Success

By Maddy Fudge, Mirce Bucio, Ashley Davis and Joey Nguyen So you’ve never been to a career fair, your wardrobe has been the same since 10th grade, and you have no idea what to wear for your debut into the business world. If any of this rings true, then you’ve come to the right place….

Career Fair Tips and Tricks

So you just registered for your first career fair – now what? How many resumes will you need? What do you wear? How do you know which companies to visit at the career fair? These are some of the basic questions that run through anyone’s mind when they are going to attend a career fair….

7 Things That Happen at the H/IMA Bauer Career Fair

By Kirstyn Speich, Celeste Henderson, Jennifer Bradshaw and Julia Ahadi While there is a lot of information for job seekers going to career fairs, there is not much for the companies and recruiters who spend their time and money to recruit candidates for jobs and internships. Here are seven things that happen at our career…

How to mix

A quick guide to awkward networking events By Ted Hawkes Mixers are a great place to make business contacts as well as friendships. But initiating contact with strangers isn’t all that fun for everybody, particularly introverts and those new to this work/life phenomenon. We’re pleased to tell you that mixing well can be both fun…