How Will You Deliver A Hyper-personalized Experience?

When we talk about hyper-personalization as the central topic for the Interactive Strategies Conference, what we really talk about is delivering hyper-personalized experiences to customers.

But how, exactly? Where does the data come from?


Let’s Get Personal

hyper-personalized experience

El Torro’s Stacy Griggs, who we introduced earlier, will present the topic of big data in service of hyper-personalized marketing.

Personalization is already an established field. Which is why hyper-personalized approaches are shaping the landscape of digital marketing of tomorrow. We already took advantage of data through website analytics and social media activity. Now it’s time to apply science to the separate datasets, and view them as inter-connected strains of the same thing.

Hyper-personalized experiences are built for complete personas. We cannot do it without connecting the separate datasets into one, mapping both the customer and the customer journey at the same time.


Are You Ready For Being Hyper-personalized?

Beyond showing the tools that are (re)shaping the personalization landscape, Stacy will also ask: are you ready to tackle hyper-personalized marketing?

The more data you use, the deeper you go into hyper-personalizing your message, the more specialized the tools and expertise get.

It’s not for everyone.

That’s not to say there are businesses who can skip hyper-personalization. But the allocation of resources needs to be examined closely. The wrong approach can easily lead to ineffective attempts and an unreasonably high cost.

On-boarding data, especially the mesh of huge interconnected datasets, can be a daunting task. You need to make sure you have the facilities and the capability to handle it.


”Boogedy boogedy boogedy boogedy shoobee doowop”

hyper-personalized experiences

Looking at hyper-personalized marketing can sound like the famous song from ‘Grease’:


We’re one of a kind

Our names are signed

We’ll always be like one,

We’re for each other

We’ll always be together


Not one of the data sources can be neglected for a hyper-personalized experience. Clearly, you can’t do it manually. There come the tools and science.

IS2016 will be a conference built for you to learn everything about the trends, tools, best (and worst) practices. They’ll be presented by experts, leaders in the fields that makes hyper-personalization possible.

Experts like Manuel Delgado, who’ll talk about multicultural marketing, and how businesses can tap into cultural niches using the same personalization techniques. Culture is a key differentiator that can determine your content strategy, but it also comes at a much higher sensibility level you need to be aware of. Mapping your customer’s journey becomes more important than ever.

The conference will get you started, or if you already have, help you navigate the often daunting task of hyper-personalized marketing. Breakthrough Radio will carry on with weekly practical content and solutions to daily business problems.

It all comes down to you, though. You need to join in the song, embrace the change, and move forward. The future is upon us.

Are you ready?