Instant Recap: 50 First Dates by Luke Quanstrom

Center Stage Themes: Customer Profile Integration and Preference Strategies

Play Abstract: When your messaging and communication with your customer is fragmented, you have to reintroduce yourself to that customer every time… which is extremely counterproductive.

Setting the Stage: Most companies don’t even know their most loyal customers, even if they have been with the company for years. Customer-centric brands provide a better experience, thereby performing far better. But we don’t have customer-centric goals… instead we think of how the business should operate.

Building the Action: Luke has been good about avoiding shameless promotion, but his reputation and profile set the stage well; he owns Sprinklr, an integrated customer platform technology.

Action and Insights: Avoid silos. You probably run into this all the time: you call into a call center, give them all your info, they give you a number to call, another complete stranger talks to you, you have to give them your info again, they refer you to a website… and so on.

Curtain Call: The presentation finished with a minute to go, in time to give us this nugget: Sprinklr competes with Hootsuite and SalesForce in varying integrated service sections, so if you are in an enterprise or small business, it may be worth a look.

Key Takeaway: Introduce yourself once to your customer and keep their info accessible to you so you don’t have to reintroduce yourself every time.