Instant Recap: Facial Coding: The Missing Piece to your Content Marketing Strategy by Yared Akalou

Center Stage Themes: Thought, Logic, and How We Make Decisions

Play Abstract: People say we think with our minds and feel with our hearts, but that’s not entirely correct.

Setting the Stage: Yared leads every strategy assessment he makes from an empathic perspective. His interest is in emotion analytics, a way to test and rough cut image-based advertisements to see what kind of feedback you’re getting.

Building the Action: Brands in the past have shown a disturbing lack of empathy. The original happy meal mascot for McDonald’s horrified children. DiGiorno’s #WhyIstayed campaign blindly rode on the coattails of a Twitter campaign featuring women voicing their stories about past abusive relationships.

It’s commonplace for brands to lack empathy.

Action and Insights: What does all of this lead up to? A world where marketing and other professional communicators know precisely what people are thinking and feeling at all times. A sort of “Minority Report” (Yared’s reference).

So how do we implement these systems and this understanding into our marketing? The Facial Coding Action System, a system designed to validate Darwin’s theory that facial expressions are universal. The FCAS determined that our core emotions around the world, are uniform, often fleeting. Today, there are 20 tech startups who have developed technology to assess and analyze those fleeting emotions. This has contributed greatly to the field of emotionomics, and has even been used by Dr. Dan Hill to analyze draft picks for the Milwaukee Bucks, and the motives and character of politicians.

Curtain Call: Yared’s information was fascinating and empathic to his audience. His speech presented perhaps some of the most important philosophical challenges regarding how we treat our customers. He also offered to introduce others to Dan Hill, an extremely kind gesture for a public speaker connecting with a room full of marketers seeking to expand their horizons.

Key Takeaway: Empathy is at the center of what we do. We should- we must– incorporate it into our marketing.