Instant Recap: Hypnotic Website Engagement Using Data as Content by Jeff Reichman

Center Stage Themes: Man. You can do some really awesome things with data.
Play Abstract: People like data, particularly if it is well-visualized and represented. You can leverage that information for your brand, organization, or personal efforts.

Setting the Stage: Jeff is arguably the face of civic innovation in Houston. He runs hackathons and examine social issues on a regular basis. One of Jeff’s featured pieces of content in his #IS2016 presentation was a map of marijuana possession arrests in Houston, a map that suggested stark contrasts in arrest rates based on socioeconomic class.

If you’re interested in those efforts, you can find him at Sketch City Hack Nights.

Building the Action: Modern SEO strategy requires not just an “SEO” focus. It takes PR, marketing, social media, content strategy, and more to make it all work together. Brand trust requires a multi-pronged effort.

Action and Insights: Here’s a four-step approach to get you started.

1) Do a data inventory. Every organization has information. Find it and leverage it.
2) Read the news.
3) Envision the outcome.
4) Use the right resources.

Possible inspirational paths to make this happen:

  • Map your customers
  • Map your donors
  • Make sortable tables
  • Conduct a survey
  • Run a company data challenge
  • Develop a ranking system

Curtain Call: Jeff’s presentation was succinct but effective. He provide more question time than any other speaker at the conference.
Oh, and he drew my name out of a hat and won me a copy of Dan Hill’s “Emotionomics”, too. (I promise I didn’t rig it).

Key Takeaway: Data is awesome, useful, and easy to develop if you put your mind to it.