Instant Recap: Personifying your SEO Strategy through Inter-Device Communication by Josh Belland

Center Stage Themes: SEO
Play Abstract: SEO is about personalization, not just gaming Google.

Setting the Stage: First and foremost: Google favors brands. When you have brand authority, you build trust. Google will trust a brand- especially in a local market- far more than some site that just popped up.

Also: start with goals in SEO. Too many people simply jump in rather than set a baseline. Instead of just getting ranked, it makes more sense to plan strategic phases and pursue specific results. Instead of just expecting improvement in 3-6 months, figure out what you want and make it happen.

Building the Action: Modern SEO strategy requires not just an “SEO” focus. It takes PR, marketing, social media, content strategy, and more to make it all work together. Brand trust requires a multi-pronged effort.

Action and Insights:


Curtain Call: Josh Belland is Houston’s top-ranked SEO consultant for the phrase “seo consultant” in the Houston area.

Oh, and Josh barely made it to his speech on time… because he had a tire blowout on the freeway on the way to the conference. Hats off to him for making it out.

Key Takeaway: Most consumers are using search to find your brand. If you don’t treat your general marketing in a way that prizes SEO and places it at center stage, your customers may no longer find you.