Instant Recap of SEO Evolution: Rise of User Intent and Search Relevance by Tyson Stockton

Center Stage Themes: The Ever-Changing Search Landscape

Play Abstract: Searchmetrics (where Tyson Stockton works) is at the cutting edge of SEO, and SEO is changing on a regular basis. User intent is driving a lot of those changes.

Setting the Stage: Tyson Stockton’s interest is in buying cycles and customer journey. His goal is to make large enterprise clients effective.

Building the Action: Lots of information online is less than impressive. For example: there are almost 82 million search results for running shoes; only ten get traffic. There are 3 million results in Houston alone!

This demonstrates that you have to overcome an abundance of redundancy before you can become known.

Action and Insights: Is SEO dead or simply evolving? Not the most suspenseful answer: it’s alive!

The why of SEO is interesting, though. According to studies detailing more than 100 ranking factors across various verticals, old-world SEO strategies are now limited or dead.

For example, there the study demonstrate a drop in websites with the keyword in the title of the website for a given KW. H1 tags are still alive and more encouraged than ever, but KWs in those tags are less common.

“Security Camera Systems” demonstrates clearer intent than “Security Systems”. Google Shopping integration will help a site seeking to sell more than Google News integration.

Finding topics that accompany one another in context of buyer intent make life easier.

NOTE: Google recently hired Geoffrey Hinton, a leading AI expert. That should tell marketers exactly where Google’s head is.

Another interesting fact: Referring domains has declined as an indicator across some industries.

Curtain Call: 3 BILLION searches happen every day. The heavy majority of purchases- 9/10 in B2B, 8/10 in B2C- start online, so you have to be in the mix to jump start your marketing efforts.

Key Takeaway: Google’s RankBrain is more sophisticated and savvy than ever. Google is extending its the principles of its Mockingbird leveraging the importance of machine learning and algorithm learning. Deep Learning now drives the car. RankBrain focuses on: relevant content, maps results through thought vectors, and uses the relevance score to help order rankings.