Live Blog Updates: Luke Quanstrom

10:22- These smaller sessions are a whirlwind, but they’re highly useful. Instant recap coming shortly.

10:14- Getting to know customers is one thing. The question is how you transform that into touch points is another, particularly throughout and across multiple campaigns.

10:10- “Customer-engagement requires an integrated platform” (which is what Sprinklr, Luke’s company, is/does).

10:09- A wide variety of solutions may lead to multiple capabilities, but the problem is that the view of the customer is unconsolidated, so no one knows who their customer is based on any given interaction.

10:08- OK, maybe I should go easy on the cable company. Luke just showed a slide that described many of the marketing teams I have seen: siloed, no collaboration, with disparate, business-driven challenges and channels.

10:00- The group has divided at this point, so while I’m live blogging, there’s another worthy session going on in the blackbox theater. I wish I could be in two places at once, or at least be able to long distance multi-task. Oh well. Luke Quanstrom is telling us how to bust out of business silos. I kind of wish my cable company was here.