Live Blog Updates: Roger Dooley

9:30- Question 2: How do you apply this specifically to services?
Answer: Brain-oriented techniques apply to any industry related to humans, i.e., all of them.

9:28- Question 1: What techniques can we use to persuade non-marketers to cut out friction?
Answer: The most persuasive information is data. A-B Testing tends to work. Offer a low risk way of evaluating it.

Advice on this from Cialdini’s Pre-suasion: try to sit across the VIP instead of next to them. Being directly in a person’s field of vision will allow to be assigned more control of the meeting’s ideas.

(On the other hand, if the meeting is meant to be a disaster, sit next to them and shrink into your chair).

9:27- Minimizing friction is the cheapest way to increase conversion.

9:22- Those around me are scribbling furiously in their notebooks or tapping the faces of their phones. There’s more coming at us than we can ever capture, but there’s something to that: the parts of Dooley’s talk are interconnected and have become easy enough to follow to pave the way

9:15- “The number of people who enjoy your stuff is a more powerful motivator than the number of people who read it.”

9:13- Halfway through Dooley’s Slide Theory and I can already see the value of this. Our recap will detail the speech itself in order. Then he showed us pictures of his dog. And now we all like him more than we did before. And then he showed us more pets and demonstrated how effective that approach is for Petsmart, and now he sounds even smarter and is more likable and…

Well, I’m feeling persuaded.

9:03- “No single theory explains behavior.” – Roger Dooley, channeling his inner marketing Bruce Lee.

From my experience, he’s not wrong.

9:01- Another, less harrowing stat: 95% of your mind operates subconsciously.

8:59- More credence to my reverse psychology theory: Roger just told us that marketers are one of the least trusted professions. Apparently, we get an 11% trust rating, and only 20% of CMOs are trusted by their CEOs.

Maybe I should have been a biologist. (Kidding! Kidding… kinda…)

8:55- Any speech that references Martin Lindstrom works for me and Daniel Kahneman works for me, even if it references a quote warning of a train wreck. Provocative initial indictment of neuromarketing, especially given the topic of the speech.

(Or is this reverse pyschology and he’s about to explain why neuromarketing is actually legit? :0 )

8:52- We’re shortly underway into Roger Dooley’s speech on neuroscience-backed persuasion strategies and we’ve already discussed how All State accidentally advertised the message “You could die” to a widower customer of theirs thanks to the mishaps of big data. Mind you, he told us this before telling us his background.

Brave man. My brain feels hacked already.