Liveblogging #IS17: 5 Ways to Humanize Your Brand with Kristi Jackson

In the age of content overload online, video is a powerful way to stand out. Kristi Jackson, founder of the Women CEO Project, shared how she uses video to grow her audience and brand. Video is a simple, personable way to connect with people on a human level. It helps you engage your audience, personalize your message, and standout.

Here are 5 ways you can use video to humanize your brand. 

  1.       Tell the story of your brand

How did you get started? What are your values? Short videos can be an effective way to share your brand personality and story.

  1.       Answer Q & As

What are the frequently asked questions you get from clients? Answer them in video format to make the information accessible to your audience. While tons of brands have written FAQs, answering questions live on camera can help set your business apart.

  1.       {BTS} Behind the scenes

What does an average day in the office look like for you? Show people your behind the scenes moments. It doesn’t have to be pretty or perfect. In fact, people prefer real over polished, so don’t worry if you stutter or mess up. Keep rolling!

  1.       Product tours

Give your audience an inside look at new inventory, the concept to product journey, new shipments, a book flip-through, or packing and shipping your products to customers.

  1.       Enhance your social media

Everyone is using quotes on social. Spice up your social media accounts with short, simple videos.

Need content ideas to get started? Consider creating your own talk show, asking direct questions to your audience, creating commercials, filming short tutorial videos, build your own video series, or share behind the scenes event planning.   

If you are ready to record, here are Kristi’s tips for capturing better video.

  • Upgrade your iPhone video settings
    Go to Settings-> Photo and Camera-> then select 1080p HD at 60 fps. This setting is going to give you very clear video to put on your website and social media.
  • Get a tripod
    Go on Amazon and get a cheap one. Take this with you everywhere!
  • Keep the sun behind you.
    Whether you are filming yourself or someone else, keep the sun behind you for the best lighting.
  • Use the camera on the back of your phone.
    The quality of the camera on the back is better quality than the front selfie camera.
  • Post on Instagram on Sunday evening between 7-10 pm.
    Sunday evenings are a high traffic time on Instagram. Seeing the metrics, orders, and engagement on Monday is the perfect way to start the week off strong.


To see these video strategies in action, follow Kristi from the Women CEO Project on Instagram. 

Written by Michelle Lenzen, Founder of Humans at Heart

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