Liveblogging Spark Talks: Manuel Delgado

Spark talks are designed to get your thoughts sparked! Quick, informative narrow talks. Manuel Delgado, Agua Marketing, “Multicultural Marketing” (blogged by Raissa Evans, Founder/Chief Strategist, Running Reload)

A guy walks out of a bar late at night, looking confused. A friend asks, “Hey man, what’s wrong?” and he replies, “I lost my car keys.” The friend says, “I’ll help you look, where do you think you lost them?” and he says, “About a block away.” “So why are you looking here?” “Well, the light is better.”

How do you shine some light in multiculturalism? When you understand the overall strategy of multicultural marketing, you can fill in the detailed tactics later. The definition of multicultural is usually wrong. It’s not about ethnicity, language, country or race. Multicultural is culture. Don’t get confused by the overlap between how one looks and how one acts. Instead of looking at the color of the skin, look at behavior. Race-based models break apart, and especially in hispanic marketing.

Let’s take a step back and look at the numbers: for the US population over the past 10 years, the biggest source of growth is US-born hispanics. In less than one generation, the term “minority” will mean an entirely different group of people. The last time our country changed this much was 500 years ago.

The most important point is to know what you don’t know. Know what to look for, like commonalities, lifestyle, etc. Be open to finding your most profitable segments and sub-segments. Execute in context. Find the watering holes, where your segments are congregating. Look at your product from your audience’s point of view. And be consistent and authentic.