Liveblogging Spark Talks: Mohammed Azem, Ironyard

Spark talks are designed to get your thoughts sparked! Quick, informative narrow talks. First up, Mohammed Azem, Ironyard “Lessons Learned from the Apple App Store” (blogged by: Raissa Evans, Founder/Chief Strategist, Running Reload)

An app is not an app, it’s a startup.

You first start with the idea. And if you think that telling me your idea is a threat that’s going to get stolen, you don’t have a good idea in the first place. Following the idea by implementation, even though that’s the normal course, is the wrong way to go about it. You’re investing in what is essentially a hunch. Instead, before developing, you can use Facebook ads to target your ideal users and survey their needs. What’s missing for them? Instead of investing thousands of dollars and 6 months in development, you’ve spend $100 to validate the use case.

Narrower social ad targets, as was demonstrated convincingly by the lunch keynote’s Larry Kim, is both more effective and more cost effective.

App trends are changing. In 2008, you paid $.99 for an app, you got Angry Birds. In 2011, the tide turned to freemium models where you got limited features or limited time to use the app. And in 2016 we are seeing subscriptions, ad supported or freemium models. Paid apps are becoming rarer.

Get featured in the app store by creating a great product, and leveraging iOS’s latest technology features.