Liveblogging Spark Talks: Nir Leibovich

Spark talks are designed to get your thoughts sparked! Quick, informative narrow talks. Nir Leibovich, Goco, “Proven & Creative Email Personalization Strategies” (blogged by Raissa Evans, Founder/Chief Strategist, Running Reload)

How do you become a signal in the ocean of B2B noise? For GoCo, they had to take a very close look at effective techniques for their budget, especially when being responsive to their investors. By far, the largest ROI has been from email marketing. Looking at some benchmarks, one can compare against 30-33% open rates and about 3% click throughs. But not all emails are created equal. What makes the best performing emails different?

Good emails should talk to the right person, at the right time, with the right message. As long as you target the right person, getting either one of the other two right will be effective. If you want to geek out on bad email marketing, look through your Gmail trash. Over several studies, personalization ranks as the #1 most effective aspect of email campaigns (although some studies say design is more important).

It’s much more fun to market when you have a lot of data, and easier to personalize. CRM, marketing automation platforms tracking behavior, or any type of customer behavioral data will give you actionable insights. For example, Spotify knows what music you listen to and where you live, and is able to offer early release concert tickets. With Zynga’s 100MM+ social game users taking billions of game actions per day, they can personalize and became viral due directly to customized experience. If your behavior shows you’re more likely to share than buy, the call-to-action can be abundantly geared toward the more likely behavior.

The thing about startups is you start with no customers, and no data, so you have to get creative. For instance, take triggers – milestone events of a company, company news, etc. Or you can use familiarity and social proof. Tap into human emotions through significance, “Hey, we were just talking about your company and thought we’d reach out.”

There’s nothing more personalized than being human. Be vulnerable.