Nice to Meet You, and Welcome to #IS2016

Ahoy! My name is Daniel J. Cohen, this year’s official #IS2016 blogger. You may remember me from events such as #IS2015 and a past Houston IMA breakfast where I spoke about symbols, Kurt Vonnegut, and even Rob Zombie (I’m not kidding). Or maybe you don’t remember me, and this is the first time we’ve ever met, in which case, it’s nice to meet you, and I hope you’ll come say hello to me here at #IS2016.

As you may have heard, this year we are at the elegant Queensbury Theater, where both stage magic and marketing magic are encouraged. This year’s theme- Hyper-Personalization- is fit for both an actor seeking to connect with a roomful of onlooking eyes lost in the world presented by the mystique of the stage or a professional marketing student seeking the opportunity to transform into a business mage over the course of single day by learning a series of recipes for the latest marketing mixtures and potions.

And we get to watch!

Today’s speaker lineup is sure to leave this year’s attendees- yours truly included-with lessons to ponder as they examine their own marketing efforts for their companies or clients. From insights into the inner workings of the human brain to seas of search strategy, mountains of metrics, and rivers of new revenue enhancements, #IS2016 is poised to position those who take notes to add a new wrinkle to their careers.

Throw in some networking opportunities, an idea-driven lunch activity and a post-conference party and we’re looking at a day of powerful business development opportunities for those who take advantage, which is something those in the know have come to expect from Houston IMA.

On that note: big thanks to Michele Price and the Houston IMA team for inviting RedShift Writers to take a role in this event. We’re proud to be included as part of the overall experience.

For our part, check back periodically throughout the day (or look over the blog after the conference for a live, blow-by-blow reminder of some of the stuff that may have slipped past you amidst a deluge of masterful marketing tips). We’ll provide speaker recaps for as many sessions and speakers as possible; instant reactions to people and conversation within the theater; and the latest information on upcoming sessions, including (SHHHHH) sneak previews and super double top secret whisperings from backstage, the first row, and the minds of those managing the conference.

Here’s a peek inside (Shhhhh… don’t tell anyone I showed you):

#IS2016 previewAin’t we cute?

Some final opening notes before this gets rolling:

To the Theater: Tis’ a fine venue!

To the speakers: break a leg!

To the audience: enjoy the show! You will be entertained, but there’s so much more to take away from #IS2016… and we’re giddy to get a look at it.

More to come!

Your wordsmith for the day,

Daniel J. Cohen