Trends in Personalization Drive Robust Revenues

As we move into 2017 and the mobile — in more ways than one —Internet of Things, we have to realize three major trends in personalization:

  1. content-driven,
  2. native,
  3. socially credible.

Jumping on the bandwagon of personalization is not up for debate — you have to do it, or you’ll get left behind.

Content-driven Trends In Personalization

Content is king, period. Straight ads are getting more and more expensive and less and less effective. There’s still big opportunities in PPCs, but you need to change the how.

Customers demand content for their interest, and that’s where personalization begins. Top-down measurements are getting replaced by bottom-down approaches. Mapping out a customer journey is a key strategic task.


At the Interactive Strategies Conference Larry Kim, founder, and CTO of WordStream, will highlight just how important it is to adjust your practices in advertising.

He’ll argue that PPC marketers aren’t obsolete — they’re simply facing a radically different future. Paid online marketing has never been in a better position, so long as marketers understand the voice of change and act on it.

Personalized advertising through content is not news, it’s the current reality.

Going Native: Beyond Simply Speaking The Language Of The Customer

The best-crafted content is useless if it appears “off”. Marketers need to embrace the native tools of digital platforms and tailor their content not just to the customer but to the medium as well.

The Internet is everywhere, so much so it’s not even one thing anymore. We have the old internet, and then we have the Internet of Things. Tomorrow will be about augmented and virtual reality.

Who knows what will we have the day after tomorrow?

Customers value accessibility. Marketers who can match the velocity of their market and meet them within their preferred medium have an advantage.

Mohammad Azam, iOS Instructor at The Iron Yard, joins #IS2016 to share the journey of a mobile developer. His insights into the techniques used to succeed in an oversaturated App Store serves as a blueprint marketers can use to develop their own content strategy.

Mohammad’s talk will highlight the exact issues marketers face daily. No matter our industry, background, or environment, navigating the landscape from pricing products to adapting to the changing dynamics of our market is a constant.

Mohammad’s presentation will serve as a guide to the seemingly chaotic, but foundationally trend-driven world of digital marketing.

Gaining “Street Cred”: Building on Your Customers’ Credibility

Casting a wide net doesn’t work anymore. #IS2016 is centered around (hyper-)personalization for a reason: marketers have to be surgical and strategical.

The good news is, businesses can create a snowball effect.

Under the old paradigm, a customer’s value was based on the top-level revenue they generated. Today that value is exponentially higher because they bring the one thing to table brands will never have: credibility.

A business sells to people, it’s its function. Customers, however, have no stake in this game. This creates a powerful seal of approval for those that fall outside of the marketer’s reach. Less is more: a customer engaged with smart personalization will drive more revenue than ten who are neutral toward your brand.

#IS2016 will teach you how to capitalize on that less to do more. Going home, you may also want to tune into Breakthrough Radio every week. It’s important to stay up to date on trends in personalization, and the show delivers practical solutions for your business problems.

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[And if all that sounds too much, simply get in touch with Growth Hacking CMO. We’re experts in personalization techniques in marketing, and can give your business a boost into the future.]