Agile is Not Just an Adjective

Agile Is Not Just An Adjective
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You may have heard marketers say they’re agile because they shifted from one project to another, but Agile Marketing is not the same thing as just being agile.

Agile Marketing is an approach to marketing that works to quickly and effectively adapt to data and customer feedback. It’s a highly responsive and flexible way to operate and more easily reach the market.

As an Agile Marketing practitioner for more than 7 years, Stephen has seen the success and pitfalls, and he will share his experience implementing this framework in an in-house and agency setting.


  • The benefits of operating within an agile framework
  • Different types of agile frameworks marketers can utilize and how they work
  • How to improve efficiency and results by hearing a first-hand case study
  • How to begin implementing an agile framework in your own organization
  • You’ll also get some templates you can use for writing user stories and planning your own marketing sprints.

About The Speaker

Stephen Brent May is the Cofounder of One Foot Over, an unapologetically digital marketing agency, where he works with B2B clients to incorporate marketing technology and inbound marketing to drive leads and increase conversions by getting marketing and sales on the same page. Stephen has spoken at conferences in the U.S. and Europe about online, agile, and growth marketing. A native of West Virginia, Stephen has lived in Houston since 2009. He is the Immediate Past President of the Houston chapter of the American Marketing Association, where he has served on the board since 2012.

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Christina Hawkins

Christina Hawkins

Since 1999, Christina has been designing and building exceptional websites. These many years in the business, she is constantly learning about and teaching others about internet marketing. Before she started GlobalSpex, she worked in the government (Defense Department) and financial fields. With each new job and each new project, she has learned from these different roles. Each has helped her learn and hone her marketing and graphic design skills. In addition to her ability as a webmaster (is that even a term anymore?), she is also a talented designer and mom to 2 great girls, her greatest inspiration.