Become a board member

Executive Committee

Board Members eligible for positions after serving one full year.

  • President - Present as spokesperson at most events, GM provides leadership, vision, direction
    • President-Elect - Relationship-oriented, backup to President
    • Immediate Past President – Business Partnerships leader, mentor incoming Board members
    • Vice President - Operations-oriented, project management, processes, mentor/support incoming Board members
    • Treasurer - Financial-oriented, prepares/tracks budget and cashflow, negotiates contracts/vendors, oversees Sponsorship recruitment/retention, oversees bookkeeper, taxes
    • Secretary – Documentation of policy and votes, governance, document management, communications, reporting, action tracking
  • Committee Members: 
    • Facilitator/PM/Mgmt Co – tracks action points, makes sure action schedule is being fulfilled on, deliverables, raises risk areas
    • Bookkeeper, Tax preparer
    • Partnership / Sponsorship
    • Recorder

Membership Requirements

  1. HIMA Membership
  2. Must have attended at least 2 events
  3. Willing to 3-5 hours per week.
  4. Need to have some background in the committee topic.
  5. Ideally you are in the marketing space either within a marketing agency or part of a company’s marketing department.

Membership Benefits

  1. You pay for the first year but the following years you get a free membership until your term ends or you leave the board.
  2. Working with like-minded professionals who are actively involved in our industry.
  3. Learn from other professionals.
  4. Access to all online events
  5. Bragging rights

Houston IMA Committees

It takes a great team to fulfill our mission to grow Houston businesses through interactive strategies. Our Board is made up of the Executive Committee plus one or more Chairs of each Committee. We are always recruiting and identifying those members who want to take part in the momentum!

In addition to the below roles, the Board as a whole takes shared ownership over our three larger scale events each year, Show & Tell, Career Fair, and the Interactive Strategies Conference. Executive committee members will serve as a collective “event chair” for the below events, working to secure final event details and approvals needed. 

    • Show & Tell

      • The  H/IMA Board is responsible for all aspects of our annual Show & Tell event, from issuing a “call for nominations” to selection and voting for presenters, along with venue and all event logistics and promotion.
    • Career Fair

      • The H/IMA Board is responsible for career fair planning, and execution. Career Fair shared responsibilities include logistics, coordination of booth sponsors, student organizations, working with the Marketing Committee to execute communication regarding the event, and the Volunteer Committee to coordinate volunteers.
    • Interactive Strategies Conference
      • The H/IMA Board is responsible as a whole for coordinating the annual Interactive Strategies Conference. This includes shared responsibilities across all Board chair positions, including logistics, coordination of speakers with the Programming Committee, working with the Marketing Committee to execute communication regarding the event, and coordinating volunteers with the Volunteer Committee


The Logistics Committee is responsible for securing venues for the Interactive Strategies Conference, Career Fair, luncheons, workshops, and social events.  In addition, Logistics handles each event from start to finish, planning food and beverages, AV needs and other equipment, badges, security, insurance, etc. and working with all vendors to ensure the success of each event.


The Programming Committee is responsible for planning and coordinating programs designed to help H/IMA members’ personal and professional development, whether to enhance their skill sets, execute effectively for their business or clients or enhance their networks. Programming includes soliciting speaker ideas from fellow Board members, and securing speakers for the Interactive Strategies Conference, luncheons, workshops, social events and any other content intended to meet those needs. Responsible for outreach and coordination with potential speakers and workshop teachers.  This committee is also responsible for communicating with the Marketing and Technology chairs to ensure that they have the information they need to post the events on the website, social media channels, and for creating email drip campaigns.


The Membership Committee is responsible for growing and maintaining the organization’s membership and ensuring they gain benefit from H/IMA. This includes maintaining a continuous dialogue with our audiences and outreach to potential members as well as identifying interest and skill sets for leadership roles.


The Volunteer Committee is responsible for follow up and coordination of community members who are interested in volunteering for an H/IMA committee as well as matching opportunities on a per-event basis. This includes outreach, helping them find a committee or event they would be interested in working with and coordination with the appropriate committee chairs.


The Marketing Committee is responsible for coordinating all H/IMA communication, PR, announcements and the creative and technology required to execute on these. This includes the website, email blasts, social media presence and helping to position H/IMA as a thought leader. Marketing will also oversee volunteers to produce content and community conversation on all social channels, as well as manage any paid social advertising on all channels. This includes posting audience relevant curated content, promotional posts, and posts from H/IMA events. 


The Sponsorship Committee is responsible for developing and maintaining cash and in-kind sponsorships needed to continue operations and provide valuable resources to our membership and sponsors. This includes tailoring packages to meet the outreach goals of prospective sponsors through annual, IS, Career Fair or targeted offerings, and managing fulfillment of these benefits.


The Partnership Committee is responsible for growing and maintaining organizational and academic relationships in the community. This could include identifying collaboration opportunities with other member organizations and the initiation of student organizations focused on interactive marketing activities.


The Technology Committee engineers, builds and maintains websites, web tools, communication software, and the integrations that make them all work together. The Technology Committee also creates the event pages and makes content changes to the website and any subdomains such as the Interactive Strategies Conference website.