Where do I fit in?

The committees are essentially the division of labor when it comes to getting things done. Each has its area of focus and operates with remarkable autonomy, but all are critical to realizing the mission of H/IMA. Each committee is spearheaded by a board member or two, and all of them have volunteer opportunities waiting for you, depending on your interests.

Volunteer Committee

This is the HR department for the entire organization. Simply knowing who our people are and where their talents are most at home is a monumental job. Coordinating individual efforts for the org's many programs compounds the challenge. Making sure we're always providing a valuable experience to our members is where the magic happens.

The Volunteer Committee is a great place for people-people, people with large networks, and people who like to coordinate things.

Programming Committee

Programming comprises the most tangible aspects of H/IMA's mission–getting our awesome content to our awesome people. Who speaks, about what, and when is at the top of the docket for these busy folks. Packaging up and delivering the information afterward is also critical. New challenges–and new opportunities to meet them–are always coming up.

The Programming Committee is a great place for people with deep subject matter expertise, a large network, and publication skills.

Sponsorship Committee

H/IMA is what it is thanks to the involvement of our corporate sponsors–those who support us financially and benefit from their increased exposure to the interactive community. Identifying organizations that would benefit from a partnership with H/IMA, and making sure they're getting a good shake from their involvement, is a critical aspect of our continued success.

Wheelers, dealers, and people with connections who think collaboratively tend to fit well in the Sponsorship Committee.


Logistics is responsible for the nuts, bolts, bells, and whistles of our in-the-flesh programs, including (but not limited to) luncheons, mixers, conferences, and career fairs. They coordinate venues, food & drink, audio-visual, registration, table arrangements, and everything else that enriches the experience for our participants.

People who like the nightlife, love people, know a lot of good places to eat and have a great taste are a great fit for the Events Committee.

IS Conference

The Interactive Strategies conference is H/IMA's largest event of the year put on through the efforts of each and every one of our Board members. Industry leaders and subject matter experts from across the country descend on Houston to discuss the latest trends, newest technologies, and best methods to command a digital audience and grow business. It's a full day of valuable instruction and insight, with a healthy dose of R&R in the shuffle.


The Membership Committee is responsible for growing and maintaining the organization’s membership and ensuring they gain benefit from H/IMA. This includes maintaining a continuous dialogue with our audiences and outreach to potential members, as well as identifying interest and skillsets for leadership roles.

Career Fair

H/IMA's annual Career Fair is our way of giving back to Houston businesses and academic partners by bringing together highly qualified digital marketing, design and technology candidates for internships, and entry- to mid-level jobs with companies that have these kinds of staffing needs.  Getting involved here is a lot of fun and can give you a lot of exposure to area businesses and local universities.

Marketing and Technology Committee

"Marketing" is an operative word in our organization's name, so you can bet the committee is every bit as essential. This committee puts the cherry on top of the Outreach Sundae, polishing both our communications and our image. Team members' capabilities are various and sundry, ranging from the aesthetic (graphic design) to the analytical (metric analysis). There's a continuously-expanding need for strong, dedicated marketers...after all, "Interactive Marketing" is our middle name.

People who work on the execution side of marketing do well on the Marketing Committee...designers, optimizers, content developers, strategists, etc.

Social Media
Social media develops and manages our regular social media posts, and is responsible for live streaming and posting content from all of our events.

"Interactivity" as we know it involves very little old technology. Both our needs and abilities move and grow like a litter of baby rabbits, and keeping on top of it all (i.e. keeping us relevant in our self-proclaimed area of expertise) is a big job. The Technology Committee engineers build and maintain the machine that powers the organization: websites, web tools, communication software, and the integrations that make them all work together.

Coders, hackers, tinkerers and designers, particularly those with an aptitude and interest for UX, are right at home on the Technology Committee.


The Partnership Committee is responsible for growing and maintaining organizational and academic relationships in the community. This could include identifying collaboration opportunities with other member organizations and the initiation of student organizations focused on interactive marketing activities.

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