Looking to play a larger role in the interactive community? So are we. Participating in the Houston Interactive Marketing Association is good for your network, good for your career, and good for your entire industry.

The Vision

We live in the information age. That means that anytime we need to know how to transfer an Analytics account, build a cedar linen chest, or dance the Dougie like a pro, we can learn. In minutes. Humanity has benefitted immensely by sharing information with each other, and the rate of sharing–not to mention the quality of the information–is higher than it's ever been. It stands to reason that sharing information profoundly benefits industries, as well. So why wouldn't interactive professionals–undisputedly the group most responsible for the exabytes of data being shared around the world–possess the finest organization in town for sharing information amongst themselves? That is the goal of H/IMA. To elevate the dialog in the interactive community. To make information available to all our local practitioners. To bring people together to collaborate and succeed. To raise up a talent pool worthy of our great city, and bring an unparalleled level of sophistication to our booming local economy.

What can I do?

  • Volunteer Make new connections, network with local and national thought leaders, and learn from your fellow experts, all while having some of the best fun of your professional life. Who's involved?
  • Attend our events Some are social, some are educational, most are a lot of both. Bring your own questions, experiences, and personal insights and get ready to expand your mind! Browse events
  • Teach us Chances are, you're really, really good at something. Speak at a luncheon. Sit on a panel of experts. Present at a conference. Participate in our growing knowledge base. Interact! Where?
  • Join H/IMA Get discounts on event tickets, access to the good parts of the website, the skinny on comings and goings that you may find highly beneficial. And help support the cause that supports you! Join now