Liveblogging #IS17: Bots Don’t Buy – Writing Facebook Ads for Humans with Ashley Ward

“If we are selling to humans, why are we still writing ads like advertisers?” said Ashley Ward from SEMrush. As we learned from Keith Goode’s talk, stringing together keywords isn’t exactly the most compelling way to engage an audience. On the other hand, copy written for humans (not bots) connects on an emotional level—and that translates to sales.

According to a 2016 Nielsen report, ads that generated an emotional response saw a 23% lift in sales volume. The key to advertising on Facebook is satisfying both the humans and the bots. To do this, you must understand the site’s algorithm on a basic level. Here are 7 keys to reaching humans on Facebook from Ashley at SEMrush.

7 Keys to Creating Human-Centered Facebook Ads

  1. Draw people in with positive emotion. 

    Positive emotions work much better than being dramatic or negative. Smile while you write and tug those happy heart strings.

  2. Play on FOMO. 

    Add a deadline, an “almost sold out” reminder, or tag a friend. A recent study found that as many as 69% of millennials experience FOMO when they are not able to attend an event where their friends are going.

  3. Avoid using blue. 

    Facebook’s site is blue and white. Blue is everywhere on Facebook. Why would you put that in your ad imagery? If you want it to pop on newsfeeds, work from another section of the color wheel.

  4. State the location in the ad copy.

    If you’re local, be a local. If you’re a restaurant in Houston, explicitly say “a local Houston restaurant.” Localization will help you here.

  5. Talk like your demographic does. 

    Use words and topics that your demographic does in their everyday language. If they don’t use “FOMO”, don’t use “FOMO” in your ads. Nearly every industry has lingo, talk like your people do.

  6. Include the price in the ad copy. 

    Make the price known and upfront. For example, if you are marketing cars for lease, don’t say call for price. Write “Lease a 2016 CRV LX 4Dr for Only $199 month Plus Tax” and include other pricing details in the ad copy.

  7. Your demographic is a community. 

    Draw to the idea of community to engage your people and your demographic. Remember the ALS bucket challenge? If you can get you community to engage with your brand, this is key to engagement.

Stop writing like a robot, and start writing like a human. To learn more, check out SEMrush.

Written by Michelle Lenzen, founder of Humans at Heart

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