Michele Price

Michele Price

Fractional CMO - Chief Marketing Officer
Growth Hacking CMO

If the true success of one is measured through others, then Michele Price is one of the most successful people on the planet.

A fractional CMO taking a growth-focused approach toward solid and innovative results, Michele consistently delivers precise execution and robust results in digital media/marketing.

Some are baffled by her, because she makes them rethink everything they know about marketing. Some are continuously amused by her wild and imaginative questions. And some are simply intimidated once learning how she stopped a herd a buffalo from killing 26 snowmobilers.

A life-long entrepreneur, Michele has been working with brands and businesses from bootstrap to national size, and generated results by putting into action visually delicious presentations, team challenges that propel innovation, and ideas that lead to full-fledged experiences.

Connect with Michele to build business audiences, and let her map a communication strategy that will bring you forward-thinking, original solutions.

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