See you at Happy Hour!

Thank you for attending our conference! I hope you enjoyed it as much as the #IS2016 team did, and hope you had an opportunity to leverage what you learned to better your marketing efforts and skill sets. We also hope you had a chance to meet some amazing people with whom you can do business in the future.

Some quick closing notes from me, your humble servant blogger:

  • Set up a meeting with someone you met at #IS2016 and reach out to Houston IMA with a screenshot and you may get yourself a prize. You didn’t hear it from me.

(Seriously, you didn’t hear it from me. You heard it from Michele Price, this year’s emcee).

  • Houston IMA is here to help you advance in your career. Instead of coming out once a year, get involved in our organization!
  • Remember to empathize.
  • Be ethical in your marketing.
  • Take SEO seriously.
  • Explore marketing earnestly.
  • Personalize your efforts.

And tell the world about what you saw at this year’s conference.

Oh, and if you see me at happy hour, come say hi! I’d be happy to clink a glass with you before we leave City Center.

Until next time, this is Daniel J. Cohen, your #IS2016 Blogger signing off!